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What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a very versatile printing method. Almost anything can be screen printed. It starts with a screen that is stretched over a frame.Then a stencil is applied to the screen. You then take the screen and place it over the item you want to print. You add ink to it and use a squeegee to push the ink through the open parts of the stencil. The frame is lifted up and you have a finished product.


A screen printed garment is extremely durable and will not wash out. In most cases it will last the life of the garment. It also has a very soft feel. Screen printing is the best method to use if you are printing long runs.12 pieces min. If you don't quite need that many, you can go for our digital printing method. There is no minimum for this type of printing.

Artwork can be supplied in just about any popular formats(jpg, tif, eps, bmp,etc.) 300 resolution minimum. If your artwork is not at the proper resolution, we can recreate it so that it's ready to go to press.

There are set up fees associated with screen printing. However, we do keep these fees very low. Every color thats in your design requires it's own screen. So each color thats in your design will have a fee associated with it. Set up fees are $15-$35 per color. Depending on how many shirts you get.




What is Embroidery?

 Embroidery is an embellishment of a fabric or garment in which colored threads are sewn on to the fabric to create a design. Embroidery may be done either by hand or machine. It is generally used within the promotional product industry on apparel, bags or other cloth products.


We begin by taking your logo, message or name and "digitizing" the artwork.This is the specialized process of converting two dimensional artwork into stitches or thread.

ou can provide us your artwork in just about any popular formats(jpg, tif, eps, bmp,etc.). We don't actually "convert" your artwork; rather we actually recreate the artwork using stitches. Once converted, the digitizer instructs the sewing machine to sew the design, in colors the selected. 

There is an initial cost to "digitize" your artwork. Once that is completed there is generally a "run charge" for each item. As long as the artwork remains the same size, you can continue to use the same digitized artwork for future jobs.

Pricing is also based upon the number of stitches. A basic logo on a hat or shirt will generally run about 10,000 stitches. Once you provide us with artwork, we can give you an estimate of the number of stitches needed to complete your job.

We can produce embroidered pieces in just about any size. Do keep in mind that small type fonts are difficult to reproduce. Generally we like to have letters at least 1/4 inches tall. 


What is Digital Printing?

Digital Printing does not involve making a plate or screen, so there are no set up fees involved. This makes the process great for small runs and where the screen printing process would be too expensive. It is also great for photographic images or images that have lots gradients.

The digital print process is done by heat transfer. "Transfer" is a particularly loaded word in the imprintables industry. In previous years there were a lot of problems with the process (cracking,peeling). But thanks to recent technology with transfer paper and ink, all these problems are gone.