Best file type for a t-shirt design

There are a few factors you should consider when making a t-shirt design.One of them being the type of the file format to use. All design files come in only 2 versions. Vector based or pixel based. And what is that you ask??

Vector designs are actually mathematical equations that are made up of straight lines and curves. This makes this kind of design very easy to work with. First of all, you are able to resize vector images to virtually any size you want. This allows for a greater chance of edits and changes when you are trying to design your shirt. Quality is key, and vectors offers this. In fact, you could resize the above vector image to the height of the CN tower and the quality of the design would still remain clean and crisp. This is why Zip Graphix loves working with vectors!

Note… If you don’t have a vector designing software, our online t-shirt designer automatically converts your custom design to vector files.

Pixel based designs on the other hand, are made up of thousands of tiny squares called pixels. If you put these squares together in a certain order and zoom out…you get an image! The more pixels in your design, the clearer the image will be. If your logo is restrained to a small size or doesn’t have as many pixels then your image becomes blurry, or what we call “pixelated”. With a pixel based design, you have to make sure the image is large enough to allow for modifications to happen or the image becoming pixelated

Now, are you thinking “How am I going to make some great t-shirt designs with my pixel based logo?” We here at Zip Graphix can help! We will work with our in house artist to have you logo vectorized. This will make work for both us and you, much easier! You will then receive clean printer friendly file that you can get to keep. Then you’ll have this file to use for other promotional items such as large format signs and banners, flags,wall decals, apparel and more. If you’re looking for help in how to design your perfect t-shirt, call the experts at Zip Graphix at 905-604- 6711 today!

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