How to avoid being “Just another red team” with alternate athleteic wear

It’s the championship game against a team you haven’t played before and you are the home team. The other team shows up, but they have red jerseys, the same as you. How do you avoid being the same as another team? A second team set of athletic wear, is the best way to make sure that your team is ready for any game, against any team.

Whether it be a team set of t-shirts, pinnies, or another custom designed jersey, you always play better with your team logo on your chest. And when you choose an alternate uniform, think outside the box. Just because you’re team is red and white doesn’t mean you have to go with white and red as the alternate colours. Changing your alternate uniform to something more creative or very different from the original can help you be unique, different and bold.
Zip Graphix can help you make sure your team uniforms are a hit! Like we did with your main set of uniforms, we will work together with you to design your alternate uniforms. How does your team logo look on another colour? We will help you find out!

Whether you’re looking for athletic wear for soccer, hockey, basketball, volleyball, baseball, football, rugby or whatever it may be, Zip Graphix will work with you and your budget. We have options in cotton, polyester, blends, dri-fit, slim fit, normal fit, and loose fit.

If you want to shine at your next game, let Zip Graphix help you design and create your teams new athletic wear.

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